Biometric Testing

What is Biometric Testing?

Biometric testing programs are evaluations intended to identify past, current, and potential medical problems. Following are a few examples of biometric testing programs that you may want to consider offering within your company include:

biometric testingblood pressure
o  body fat level
o  cholesterol levels
o  nutrition analysis.
o  stress levels

Biometric testing ought to be somewhat general in nature because they must address the needs of a large group of the staff members.

Biometric Testing Tips

Here are a few tips for having a Biometric Testing for your organization:

o  Biometric Testing ought to be done once a year to monitor changes.
o  It’s imperative that you reassure all staff members of confidentiality during testing, when / how results are provided and in the before / after counseling.
o  Emphasize that Biometric Testing is voluntary, but remind staff members of the value of health tests.
o  Health education materials ought to be distributed / made available for all staff members, regardless of their health risk level.

When biometric testing reveals an individual at high-risk, then the employee ought to be encouraged to see their personal physician for treatment and advice.

In addition to identifying staff members that are in a high-risk category, Biometric Testing can encourage your staff members to monitor their health. After a Biometric Testing some staff members may feel motivated to set goals and change their behaviors due to test results.

Biometric Testing: Basic Indicators

Biometric Testing gives one an immediate assessment of a members basic health and wellness indicators, including:

o  Blood Pressure (High, Low and / or Normal)
o  Cholesterol / Lipids (HDL and LDL)
o  Body Mass Index (BMI)
o  Blood Glucose / Blood Sugar

Biometric Testing is generally done onsite at a clients worksite, but Biometric Testing can also be arranged on a drop in basis utilizing a network of more than 10,000 participating lab locations.

Onsite Biometric Testing

On Location Biometric Testing is a convenient way to assess employee health risk and can include an explanation of results, as well as goal-setting tips and ideas from a Nurse or Wellness Coach.

This serves to create member awareness of potential health problems and health conditions, which will assist in motivating staff members to make positive lifestyle and behavioral changes.

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