Drug Testing At Workplace

The popularity of drug testing is rising all over the world. In a recent survey, the management of 81% organizations admitted to subjecting their employees to workplace drug testing in order to check their sobriety. This is undertaken with the aim of identifying drug users so that appropriate steps in the interest of the organization. Therefore, for a decision to be taken in favor of an employee, it’s necessary that he passes the test. There are mainly four types of drug tests that are commonly performed.

Urine testing is the most commonly used method for checking any toxins at human body. Under this type of testing, a person is required to provide a urine specimen in a cup or bottle. This specimen is checked using a panel kit. Alternatively, it may be sent to a laboratory to be verified under a gas analyzer. Test Kits provide instant results while the process of getting the specimen tested through a laboratory requires more time.

Hair Follicle test is another type of checking any substances at the body. It usually provides correct and reliable results and reveals whether a person has consumed drugs in the last few months. In order to avoid this type of testing, some people shave off their heads because at least half inch of hair is required. However, it should be remembered that the employer may even use pubic, underarm, leg or arm hair for testing if the employee does not have adequate hair on his head.

Blood tests prove to be more costly as compared to other one, and used when an employee is interviewing for a high level position. Insurance companies also use blood tests for their prospective clients.

A saliva test is not very commonly used, due to its limitation. Saliva contains drugs consumed within the last few days. Usually, law enforcement agencies as well as insurance companies make use of this method.

How to pass a drug test? The answer to this is simple – make sure that you have no drugs in your body at the time the test is undertaken. You need not worry about this aspect if you do not use drugs at all. If you do use drugs and wish to pass a drug test, you ought to remember that toxins do stay in the system for a certain period of time. Therefore you need to ascertain that there are no toxins in your system during the test. This is quite a simple task. For this, you require knowledge about the time duration that different toxins take to get washed out from the body. Our drug use timetable would provide you with valuable insight into this matter. You can get to know when your body would be completely free of toxins, for which you would be required to answer only a few simple questions.

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